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I'm a mummy in waiting, admits Kate as she gets broody over baby on Canada tour


I'm a mummy in waiting, admits Kate as she gets broody over baby on Canada tour  1 Rehearsal for the real thing: Kate continued to captivate Canada - young and old alike - as the Royal couple's tour brought them to Quebec

Royal couple show their softer side as they meet young admirers on day four of their visit

The Duchess of Cambridge spoke about her hopes of starting a family when she met the father of a ‘beautiful’ little girl.

Kate had been given a bouquet by Raffaela, two-year-old daughter of British expat David Cheater, 28, during a walkabout in Quebec City.

When Mr Cheater wished the duchess well in her efforts to start a family, she thanked him, saying ‘Yes, I hope to’.

From one troop to another: Prince William showed his softer side as he greeted a group of children

Standing to attention: A line of little boys dressed as British soldiers seem overjoyed to be inspected by the Royal couple

It is the first time Kate has spoken publicly about having children although her husband William said when they got engaged that they would like to have a family.

If she follows royal precedent she could be giving birth to an heir to the throne before April next year. William was born on June 21, 1982 around 11 months after his parents the Prince and Princess of Wales wed in July 1981.

Give us a wave: Kate and William continued their charm offensive as they arrived at the Forts-de-Levis community celebration in Levis, Quebec

And the Queen gave birth to Charles on November 14, 1948, just short of a year after marrying the Duke of Edinburgh on November 20, 1947.

On Day Three of their first foreign tour together, Kate and Wills were to be found in chef’s whites for a cookery lesson.

Meet and greet: The Duke reaches out to a group of admirers, all jostling to catch a glimpse of him

The couple were taken to the Quebec Tourism and Hotel Institute in Montreal and attempted dishes including Lake Brome duck, Îles-de-la-Madeleine lobster, and Charlevoix herb and cranberry encrusted lamb.

William, in particular, appeared to relish the challenge of making a soufflé with the Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest. ‘Is there a time limit? Is it like Ready Steady Cook?’ he asked.

In fact the duke – who tends not to make anything more complicated than shepherd’s pie – got decidedly competitive. When Mr Charest produced the first soufflé of the lesson, brought forward with a flourish by the duchess, Wills quickly whipped his out of the oven and crowed: ‘Much better! This one is mine.’

It's not all adulation: Although the young royals have mostly be welcomed with open arms by Canadians, the faced separatist protesters in Quebec City

He then turned to Mr Charest and rubbed it in with one of those Windsor toe-curling puns typical of his father: ‘If you could rise to the challenge that would be great.’
The duchess seemed to take the lesson more seriously.

Student Theresa Rindress, 23, who demonstrated how to make an amuse-bouche of foie gras on a toasted brioche with apple cider jelly, said: ‘I showed her how to hold the knife and position her hand so that she did not cut herself. She was fantastic. She was very competent with the knife.’

Walkabout: The couple showed no sign of running out of steam on day four of their visit to Canada

All smiles: After yet another outfit change, Kate waves to fans as she and William arrive at Fort Levis

A natural: The Duchess looks completely at ease as she talks to the younger fans who have come out to see her
The couple moved on to Quebec City, where William won warm applause when he gave a short speech totally in French, thanking his audience for its ‘patience with my accent’ and promising to return.

Earlier in the day the couple won over a green-haired punk as they visited a drop-in centre for homeless youths. Pierre, a 24-year-old circus skills student, juggled with cigar boxes during their visit to the Maison Dauphine in Quebec.

William described the juggling as ‘awesome’. Pierre said: ‘I’m not really a big royalist, but it’s special to meet them, a privilege.’

Whirlwind tour: The couple touch down in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, waving to the crowds and Kate accepts another bouquet of flowers from a well-wisher

The Prince and the punk: William congratulates Pierre on his juggling prowess

Flower girl: Kate's bouquet from her young fan. She admitted to one ex-pat that she hoped to start a family soon

One is delighted to meet you: A little girl in Quebec City shakes the Prince's hand. The couple spent a lot of time getting to know the younger spectators

source: dailymail

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