Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is that outfit suitable for yoga? Lady Gaga heads to Taiwanese fitness studio in lace cat suit


Appropriate attire? Lady Gaga headed to a yoga studio in Taiwan wearing a lace cat suit while holding her mat

We’re used to seeing Lady Gaga strutting around in whacky outfits on and off stage but you’d think she might change into something more appropriate for yoga.

Gaga didn’t seem to think that was necessary though and headed to a yoga studio in Taiwan dressed in a lace cat suit, her trademark chunky heels and scarlet red lipstick as she held onto her mat.

Her yoga class came the day before her concert, which will kick off tonight in Taipei as part of her five-day visit to the island.

But instead of being a relaxing day out for the Poker Face singer, she was surrounded by hundreds of fans as she left the building.

Her bodyguards had to clear the way for Gaga to get through but her ‘little monsters’ even gathered outside her hotel to try and catch a glimpse of of their idol.

Fan frenzy: Gaga was mobbed by fans as she tried to leave the yoga studio in Taipei

The 25-year-old arrived in the country on Friday night by private jet and headed to the Regent Taipei hotel, where she has been staying.

Two fans camped outside the hotel all night to try and meet Gaga in person, while others dressed up as their idol to prepare for a ‘Lady Gaga Day’ fashion show today ahead of her concert tonight in Taichung.

Catching a glimpse: Hundreds of fans gathered outside the studio to try and see their idol

Gaga was on her way to Greater Taichung, where a series of events will take place before her concert kicks off.

The city government is throwing a welcome party, for which thousands of fans are expected to show up.

The singer’s visit is part of her promotional tour for her new album Born This Way.

Making a getaway: The BornThis Way star quickly dashed through the crowd into a car

She had spent most of last week in Japan and this is her first time to Taiwan.

Following her visit to Japan, Lady Gaga tweeted this morning: ‘We won 3 MTV Video Japan Awards Monsters!

‘All 3 for Born This Way: Video of the Year, Best Dance Video, Best Female Video. Ah I’m so happy!’

Gaga influence: Fans dress as their idol for a Lady Gaga Day fashion show ahead of her concert in Taiwan

Welcome party: The city government is throwing a welcome party, which thousands of fans are expected to show up for

She then added: ‘Nick Jonas singing The Edge of Glory. On my way to press conference in Taichung, listening to it. So dreamy!’

Meanwhile, Gaga has been voted the Queen of Pop by Rolling Stone magazine, due to record sales, views on YouTube, social media mentions, critics reviews and revenue from live shows.

Making an entrance: Gaga arrived in Taiwan on Friday with an unusual hair style after leaving Japan

source: dailymail

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