Friday, July 8, 2011

It Has Begun.... – Brett Favre hasn’t made any indication that he’s pondering a return for a 21st NFL season. Still, senior analyst Gil Brandt remains confident the gunslinger might have one more comeback attempt in him. Brandt indicated during his Tuesday chat that Favre could be interested in another season, and he elaborated on those thoughts Wednesday on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access.” Brandt, who headed the Cowboys’ player personnel department for nearly three decades, said “quarterbacks never want to retire” and made reference to Roger Staubach, the former Dallas star whom Brandt joked probably still believes he can play. Brandt said pre-draft reports of Favre’s interest in mentoring No. 1 overall draft pick Cam Newton indicate the 41-year-old still has the bug to return… “Favre is enough of a competitor that if somebody said to him, ‘Come on, come on in, we can use you. You might not be a starter,’ I think he would come out of his retirement.”

The Ole Gunslinger is at it again and maybe coming out of retirement this year. This is no surprise as he went away last year for people to forget how much of an awful person he is and how bad he was in in Minnesota.

It would really piss me off if this assbag return because then I would have to hear about how tough he is and such a warrior for another year. Could he help out as a back up.... sure, but I don't think that's Brett Favre's style.

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