Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jon Lester Placed On DL

It was pretty obvious this was going to happen with the All Star Break coming up and everything, but I'm worried Jon Lester will be gone for a long time. Check out this sampling of pitchers with the same injury, the only difference a variation in degree (and the number of games they missed):

2011 -- Bruce Chen, Kansas City (44)
2010 -- Brad Penny, St. Louis (120)
2009 -- Brett Myers, Philadelphia (18; made just two cameo appearances in postseason)
2009 -- Chad Durbin, Philadelphia (17)
2007 -- Bartolo Colon, Los Angeles Angels (16)
2005 -- Ben Sheets, Milwaukee (32)
2003 -- Pedro Martinez, Boston (22)

I don't believe it will be 120, but there is still risk. Maybe I'm just being a little scared because he is the best Sox pitcher. But imagine if the Sox were to lose him for a significant amount of time. The Sox can't keep going through this rotation with duct tape and knuckleballs.

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