Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just The Latest Asshole Move from Andrew Bynum

Lakers Center (for now) Andrew Bynum is in the spotlight again for the wrong reasons. Bynum was ticketed recently for illegally parking in two handicap spots.

He was hit with a $353 parking ticket for parking his black BMW in two marked handicapped spaces outside of a Bristol Farms market in Westchester, Calif.
Bynum reportedly slammed his car door and drove off when NBC4 reporters sought a comment from him.

Someone tell this guy his bum knee doesn't make him better than some poor old lady just trying to get some milk and some cat nip for Fluffy. What an asshole. And you know the only thing worse than parking in a handicap spot without a pass? Parking in TWO handicap spots without a pass.

Like those assholes at the store who park diagonal across two spots because they don't want someone to hit their car with a door or a cart. "Look at me, everyone. My car is nice!"

Meanwhile, you have to park in butt-fuck-Egypt because this knob-slobber took up the only two spots that were close. That sounds like Andrew Bynum to me.

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