Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kim Kardashian gets that sinking feeling... as she takes off her high heel booties

By Daily Mail Reporter

Highs and lows: Kim Kardashian had to take off her Louboutin booties at Los Angeles airport yesterday

High-flying Kim Kardashian came back down to earth at Los Angeles airport yesterday.

The 30-year-old was forced to take off her towering Louboutin heels as she made her way through security.

The 5' 2" was wearing bright white shocks under her designer booties, along with curve-hugging jeans, a white vest and pink cardigan.

The star was jetting off to Minneapolis, for another visit to her fiance Kris Humphries' hometown.

Of course, Kim is finalising the details on the pair's impending nuptials this summer.

And her sister Khloe is getting in on the act too, and has started planning a 'very embarrassing' bachelorette party.

Socks appeal: The reality star waited in line in her stocking feet

The 27-year-old has been given the job of planning her older sister's bachelorette as she's been named her maid-of-honour.

Speaking to America's People magazine, she said: "I'm having so much fun planning the bachelorette party. My bachelorette party was very embarrassing [with] penis straws [and] everything penis-themed.

'Kim is very uncomfortable with all that stuff, so I'm going to go all out and embarrass her, because it's just fun.'

However Khloe was asked whether bride-to-be Kim, 30, might get her revenge by picking her an ugly bridesmaid gown.

She said: 'Kim knows what she wants. She's someone, though, who'll put us in cute dresses. She's not going to put us in something ugly to make herself look better - trust me.'

Bride to be: Kim is in the throes of planning her wedding to Kris Humphries


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