Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kim Kardashian Suing Kim Kardashian?

Reality show starlet and whatever it is that she does, Kim Kardashian, is suing Old Navy and its parent store Gap alleging that their ads violated her publicity rights. The Old Navy ads which feature a Kim look a like went public in February and has already over two million views on YouTube.

Kardashian "has invested substantial time (sex tape), energy(sex tape), finances and entrepreneurial effort(sex tape) in developing her considerable professional and commercial achievements and success(sex tape), as well as in developing her popularity, fame, and prominence in the public eye(sex tape)," the lawsuit states.

Louise Callagy, a spokeswoman for San Francisco-based Gap said the company has not yet seen the case and had no comment.

Her lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages and wants a federal judge to prevent Old Navy from using a Kardashian lookalike model in its ads again.

The model in the ads, Melissa Molinaro, is not named in the lawsuit. But you guys want to know the best part of this? Kim's ex, Reggie Bush, is now dating Melissa (Kim's lookalike) 



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