Wednesday, July 13, 2011

McNabb To Titans?

We have been hearing for awhile now that Kolb is going to be traded to the Cardinals. The Cardinals I had as one of the top teams likely to get McNabb. I still think the best spot for McNabb is the Vikings, but the Titans make a lot of sense. They are a boarder playoff caliber team, they have a great running back, and could use a vet to give some time to develop Jake Locker. With Kerry Collins retiring the door seems to be open for McNabb to pick put that roll of being a bridge, and I think in the right offense he could be very good again (another option could be Hasselbeck).

There is a couple reasons why I think the Vikings should go harder after McNabb. For one Ponder sucks. That was a terrible pick and I can't wait to see how stupid they look in a year or two. Even if he is something I can't see him being ready to go this year, and that could be a serious problem as this team is ready to win now. McNabb could be a nice fit, and they have a lot of very good WRs that McNabb could spread the field with. That coupled with a great running game and you would think the Vikings could at least challenge in the NFC North again.

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