Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MLB All-Star Game Preview

A lot of people are bitching about all the players that have dropped out of this All-Star Game, but to me it really doesn't matter that much. Actually, this game in general doesn't matter to much, even though it does decide home field for the World Series, so it's hard for me to take offense.

The National League is stacked for pitchers. Halladay is going to start the game for them and in my opinion he is by far the best pitcher in baseball. On top of that they have Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. That's just stupid.

The AL counters with a lot of power in their lineup (Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Bautista, Josh Hamilton, David Ortiz, ect), but you have to say usually good pitching beats good hitting. Still, it's not like the AL is hurting for pitching either. Weaver is starting the game and has the best ERA in the MLB. On top of that Beckett, Felix Hernandez, and CC should all find their way into the game.

I usually pick the AL in a landslide, because basically the NL is the minor leagues, but I have to admit I am impressed with the NL team this year. Still, I just can't pick them.

AL wins 3-1
MVP: Adrian Gonzalez
Game starts at 8pm

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