Monday, July 11, 2011

MLB HR Derby

Well tonight's is the HR Derby. Here is who will be in it...

Prince Fielder, MIL
Matt Holliday, STL
Matt Kemp, LAD
Rickie Weeks, MIL

Jose Bautista, TOR
Robinson Cano, NYY
Adrian Gonzalez, BOS
David Ortiz, BOS

I think the 3 favorites have to be Bautista, Fielder, and Ortiz. I'm taking Ortiz tonight. He has the perfect swing for this kind of event and has done it before. I also think the AL is going to be way better then the NL (when aren't they), because the only one on that side that I think will make some noise is Fielder. Anyways, event starts at 8pm and should be fun with 2 Red Sox hitting.

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