Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NBA 2011-2012 Schedule (Maybe)

Well, the NBA released its 2011-2012 schedule yesterday despite the fact that most league analysts are predicting a lengthy lock-out and many players are considering going overseas.

Here's a look at some of the big games on the schedule.

11/1/2011 CHI @ DAL, OKC @ LAL
The season will tip-off with the defending Champions, Dallas Mavericks hosting the Chicago Bulls who made the EC Finals. The 2nd half of that double-header will feature the Los Angeles Lakers against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kobe v. Durant.

12/25/11 DAL @ MIA, BOS @ NYK, CHI @ LAL
Everyone usually gets pretty pumped for the Christmas Day games. I know it is always a way for me to escape the family chaos for a few hours. This year we'll get Dallas visiting South Beach to play the Heat. Should be a big crowd, huh? No way people in Miami show up to fill that stadium on Christmas day.
The Celtics will also battle on Christmas Day, this year against New York in another episode of this budding rivalry. That will be at MSG and the Lakers will also host Chicago that night. (That is an awesome lineup of games. Fuck presents and stockings...I'll be stuffing my face with cookies in front of the tv)

3/4/12 Heat @ Lakers
Always an entertaining game, and it should be a good crowd because it is in LA...not Miami.

And a look at the C's schedule -

11/2/11 CLE @ BOS
They'll open up at home against Cleveland. Boring.

11/16/11 BOS @ MIA
The first meeting against Miami will be on ESPN. If they actually play this game I'm guessing Boston will be pretty fired up. Fuck Lebron. He's good at knock-out though.

12/22/11 NYK @ BOS
In order to build up some drama for Christmas Day the C's will host the Knicks. This could work really well if it is a close game, maybe OT. Get some good vibes going for Christmas.

1/11/12 DAL @ BOS
First crack at the defending champions. Jason Kidd is a wife-beater.

1/16/12 OKC @ DAL
Sour taste in the mouth from the loss to them at home last year. Hopefully, they can get rid of that. Fuck Westbrook.

2/9/12 LAL @ BOS
First showdown with the Lakeshow and Kobe and that candy-eating, chubby chasing Lamar Odom.

2/12/12 CHI @ BOS
How are we getting all these teams at home? C's record might be awesome heading into trade deadline. Also, fuck Derrick Rose. Let him shoot. (Sorry, K)

2/16/12 BOS @ CHI
I like it. Close game could be fresh in their minds. Should be good action. Joakim Noah is ugly.

3/4/12 BOS @ NYK
C's visit the Garden on ABC. Fuck Spike Lee. He's a clown.

3/11/12 BOS @ LAL
Only trip to LA, also on ABC. Mike Brown. HAHAHAHA

3/25/12 BOS @ SA
C's visit the Alamo on ESPN. Fuck Tony Parker. He cheated on a dime piece.

4/5/12 BOS @ CHI
This one could be huge for EC seeding. Fuck Carlos Boozer.

Close the season with Philly, New Jersey, Washington, Charlotte, New York and Orlando - in that order. That could be huge for seeding.

My prediction is that the NBA schedule will probably start some time around December or January. I really don't think they want to miss the All-Star Game which will be in Orlando this year. That's a big weekend for the NBA and if you're gonna have that you'll have to start at least a month or two before hand. It'd be great if they've resolved everything by Christmas so we can get those games on Christmas Day.
No word yet on how the schedule would actually play out if they miss games. My guess is it would be altered to fit in an even amount of conference and division games for every team. But I'm not sure. The NBA is coming off an epic season, so I really hope they get it together.

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