Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NBA Lockout Might Have Just Got Worse

"The NBA holds back eight percent of each player's salary to make sure total salaries don't exceed 57 percent of BRI.

It turns out player salaries for the 2010-11 season fell below the 57 percent threshold and it was reported on Tuesday that the NBA owes $160 million of the escrow fund to the members of the NBPA (ESPN)."

I had to look up what BRI meant, it means "Basketball Related Income". They really could've just said that instead of having me have to Google that, but whatever. The 160 million is going to have to get paid out and when it does it is just going to make things easier for the players as the lockout progresses. The only way I see basketball being played again is if the players cave in. They really do need to give something back, and it seems like the owners are in the right for most of what they are asking for.

Anyways, with this money and players going overseas to play it could just make this whole lockout process even longer. As positive as a spin as I put on the NFL one, since I still don't think they will miss regular season games, I am not at all about the NBA one. I think they will miss AT LEAST half the season, if not the whole thing. So you might want to start getting into hockey to get you through the winter, or college hoops.

I do have one question. If there is no season do they have a draft the following year?

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