Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nike Signs Mike Vick, Because Nike Likes Money

Last week people were getting all wound up because Nike resigned Mike Vick as a sponsor after dropping him when the whole dog thing happened. People need to shut up, whatever, Mike Vick killed dogs, and I'm pretty sure nothing has changed with him mentally since that incident but man is he fun to watch. He is one of these athletes that is one in a million. He's as fast as anyone in the NFL and can throw the ball as hard and far as any QB.

And for Nike this makes sense, he's a hell of a personality and epitomizes athleticism, and he sells jerseys. Why not make as much as possible on him, I'm pretty sure they can make a great add campaign based on his tumultuous couple of years. I'm fine with it and anyone who isn't obviously hasn't seen him play.

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