Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Only Way Is Wrestling: Chloe Sims unleashes her fury on Maria Fowler, solving it with an arm wrestle in middle of club

By Daily Mail Reporter

Calm down: Chloe Sims seems to be arguing with Maria Fowler at Nubar in Essex

A drunken night out usually involves a few spillages down a designer frock and wobbling around on skyscraper heels.

But not content with their usual Saturday night antics, Maria Fowler and Chloe Sims got physical last night.

The Only Way Is Essex girls appeared to be having a mock screaming match as Chloe flailed her arms at Maria, who looked unimpressed but remained calm, on the balcony in full view of revellers at Nubar.

Let's get physical: TOWIE girls Maria and Chloe flung their arms around, but kept smiling, suggesting they were having a mock argument during a night out

Dramatic: Chloe waves her arms around as she talks to friend and co-star Maria

Dressed in a neon pink dress with heels to match, the glamour model gesticulated in a dramatic fashion while her friend looked on.

But there didn't seem to be any love lost, as the girls then played an impromptu arm wrestle in the middle of the Essex venue.

Maria tweeted a picture of them, saying: 'I won!!!!! @Chloe_Sims is WEEEEAK!! En route RS lounge. We gonna party ♡ these girls.'

The pair then headed to their next venue in E17, the infamous east London area where the nineties boyband took their name.

But not content with RS Lounge, they trekked back to Nubar, with Maria tweeting Lauren Pope that it was 'SHOCKING' inside.

Grimace: Chloe pulls an unflattering face while battling friend Maria

The leggy brunette was still partying into the early hours, declaring her love for Chloe at 2am.

She rambled: 'I LOVE this girl!!! Roll on series 3 we are gonna cause some CHAIOS!!!!!!!!!!!

'Brilliant night yet again at @nubar_essex xx'

Considering their flamboyant behaviour, perhaps its no wonder that the object of Maria's desire does not return her affections.

The ITV2 reality star recently revealed she has a crush on The Wanted singer Jay McGuiness.

But sadly, the feeling does not appear to be mutual.

Bandmate Max George said: 'Im not keen on that Essex lot. Jay can do a lot better than dating any of them.

'They’re like clones of each other. They’re all so orange. No way would we let Jay date one of them.'

Tom Parker also chipped in, saying: 'They play a character in the show and then actually act that way even in real life. It’s weird.

'Definitely not for us... We wouldn’t waste our time watching that.'.

Get the party started: Chloe looks a little worse for wear as Maria drags her along while she gazes at the pavement

Keeping her balance: Chloe looks a little bewildered as she gets out the taxi


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