Monday, July 18, 2011

Pakistan Policemen’s killing by Taliban Video

Video recordings emerging to show the execution-style murdering of 16 policemen in the restless north-west of Pakistan has been released by the Taliban.
The video demonstrated policemen in a line on a hillside with their hands tied behind their backs facing gunmen who rebuke them and then open fire on them.
The happening is said to date from June when insurgents crossed the Afghan border and seized policemen.
A spokesman of Pakistan's army told the BBC the video shows to be valid.
A note released beside the video said that the policemen were detained during a cross-border attack from Afghanistan in June in Pakistan's unstable Dir district.
The bodies were revealed by locals once the insurgents had left. The BBC received mobile phone video recordings from a policeman in Dir appearing local residents revealing the corpses.
The area is permanently hit by militants and large numbers of militants were reported to have descended upon the town of Shalato in a isolated corner of Dir close to the border with Afghanistan's Kunar province.
They are merciless insurgents and this is the risk which we are up against”
Near about 25 Pakistani soldiers were also died during the prolonged fighting. The Pakistani Taliban asserted responsibility for that assault.
The footage released by the Taliban is upsetting. The policemen are in a line on the left with just a few moments to live.
On the right, a local Pakistani Taliban commander blames them of being the foes of Islam and says God desires him to sentence them.
He also discusses about Pakistan's security forces lining up six "children" from Swat and shooting them, quoting to footage that come out last year which exposed to show six young Taliban expects being led into a forest and murdered by security men - the army asserts that video is bogus.
Then his gunmen open fire and the men are seen collapsing as they are scattered with bullets. Afterward an insurgent is seen firing shots into the soldiers' heads to make sure they are all dead.
The happenings like this make Pakistan spike with annoyed ness when it is told that it is not doing enough to combat insurgents. But, our correspondent adds, Pakistan's army also stands charged of abuses.
Human rights groups say there is substantial witness that Pakistan's army has also made summary effects of alleged Taliban insurgents - an accusation the army rejects.
"They are hurtles militants and this is the threat which we are up against. We have undergone the most at the hands of al-Qaeda and its partners. In the mean time Pakistan has delivered the most against them," Maj Gen Athar Abbas, Pakistan's army spokesman, told.
The army thinks the assault was carried out by Pakistani Taliban insurgents from Swat, who escaped across the border into Afghanistan during the army's offensive there two years ago.
They have since re-organized and have been coming across the border to do assaults on cut off checkpoints like the one in Dir manned by the men who were killed.
The long and absorbent border dividing Pakistan and Afghanistan has been a biggest challenge for the two countries.
Several groups that control on either side of the border are directly associated.
you can see the video through below link:

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