Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pregnant Alicia Douvall recreates Victoria Beckham's beach pose as she insists she'll be back to a size eight SIX WEEKS after giving birth

By Sarah Bull

Pregnant and proud: Alicia Douvall recreates Victoria Beckham's now famous pose in a new shoot with Closer magazine

Pregnant Alicia Douvall has recreated Victoria Beckham's now infamous beachside pose in a new magazine photoshoot.

The former glamour model, who is four months pregnant with her second child, dons a black bikini top and skirt to pay homage to the picture of Victoria which was posted on Facebook by her husband David.

But while Alicia, who is also mother to 16-year-old Georgia, proudly bares her bump in the shoot, she admitted in the accompanying interview with Closer magazine that she is finding it difficult getting used to her changing body.

The original: David posted a picture of wife Victoria having a rest on the beach before she gave birth to daughter Harper Seven

She said: 'I hate getting fat but I have to accept my body hang-ups – that it’s all part and parcel of being pregnant.

'The worst part was losing my six-pack, which I’d carefully maintained by doing 100 sit-ups a day, but at least I’ve now got 32H boobs. They’re incredible!'

And the blonde star has already planned exactly how she is going to lose her pregnancy weight after giving birth.

Alicia told Closer she is planning to get her figure back just six weeks after her scheduled Caesarean section in December.

She insisted: 'I want to be at my target weight of 7st and a size 8 within six weeks.
'I’m going to exercise every day for an hour with a personal trainer and go on a smoothie diet.'

Alicia has vowed never to name the father of her baby, who she says is 'in the public eye', but says she thinks it's 'disgusting' she has been left to raise her baby alone.

She said: 'The worst thing a man can do is to leave a woman to raise their baby alone. Children need a father figure in their lives and I find it disgusting that men can do that.

'I already picked the worst a***hole in the world for Georgia’s father because he never wanted to know and now I don’t know whether this father will take a role in our baby’s life.

'We’ve been in a secret relationship for the past three years and I’m totally in love with him but it’s complicated.

After being a single parent with Georgia, I swore I’d do it right the next time round. I dreamed of having a husband who held my hand through the birth and was there for the baby. Now I can’t believe it’s happened again. I think: "Is it something I’ve done?" '

Alicia also told the magazine she won't be having any more plastic surgery, after going to rehab twice for plastic surgery addiction and having countless cosmetic procedures.

She said: 'Plastic surgery hasn’t made me look any better and I’m not doing it any more. I’ve changed my lifestyle - I eat organic, vegetarian food and take care of my skin. I don’t go out clubbing any more, I don’t drink or smoke. I’m not the same person.'

Pretty in pink: Alicia was spotted on a night out in London last month looking pretty in an asymmetric peach dress


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