Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Racist Or Funny

Tough to decide on this one...

There's a chance we may find out if Wade accepts a job offer from a Chicago-area KFC, where he worked as a teenager.

Because of the NBA lockout, the fast-food, fried chicken restaurant said it will make a $250,000 donation to the company's Colonel Scholars program in Wade's name if he agrees to work at a local KFC drive-thru window.

The idea originated when Wade tweeted "Any1 hiring?" once the lockout became official. KFC general manager John Cywinski then wrote a letter to Wade saying he could be of assistance.

"We couldn't help but notice your recent tweet about looking for a new line of work in light of the lockout," the letter said. "We're always looking for folks with precisely your qualifications — initiative, teamwork and the ability to make buckets in a hurry (sun-sentinel.com)."

HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, but that is damn funny. I think the funniest part is how this owner wrote back to Wade. "Ability to make buckets in a hurry" is fucking hilarious, but you have to wonder if someone is going to take this whole thing the wrong way. I doubt there is any chance he would do this unless it was a one day thing, but it is actually a great idea even if it is just for the day. I mean imagine the publicity KFC would get if Wade is there for an 8 hour shift? It'll be well worth the $250 grand they would throw to a charity, so I think he should do it.

Anyways, I found this hysterical.

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