Monday, July 18, 2011

Red Sox vs Orioles Preview

Starting Pitchers

Boston: Wakefield (5-3, 4.74 ERA)

Baltimore: Bergesen (1-6, 5.65 ERA)

How I see it playing out:
Since the Sox are cruising and the Orioles blow donkey balls it's pretty clear that the Red Sox will win this one. I know we have the Tim Wakefield factor in this and he could give up some runs, however, we luck out as his counterpart Brad Bergesen sucks and may be the worst SP behind John Lackey.

The key to this game is to go far. The Bullpen was used a lot last night and we really need them to get a night off, so hopefully can pull one of his 8 IP, 7 hit, 2 er, 4 K games out of his ass.

Also, this is the first game that Carl Crawford is back. Many people are saying that he has been a failure so far, and although his early season struggles he was starting to put it together before the injury. I like Carl and think he has a monster 2nd half.

All of this is in wake of the beanball fest that took place a week and a half ago. Papi will be out the next 3 games for his suspension and that's a good thing. With Papi out there is no real reason for the Orioles to peg anyone, even though Youk could get hit as he always seems to get pegged.

Unlike BMack I refuse to be reasonable when it comes to picking the score and will never have the hometown team lose.

Winning pitcher: The Wake
Tommy Award: Carl Crawford
Score: 8- 2 Sox

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