Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Selig Needs To Go

Selig has to be the worst commissioner in sports. He has been the head of the MLB during the whole steroid thing and yet somehow got a bye. You really think he didn't know what was going on? But let's forget all that and just look at what he has been doing lately.

We can start with the All-Star Game. The least important game of the season decides who gets home field advantage in the most important series of the year. The game means so little that players don't even show up. In a 162 games season, who can blame them? That's not even adding spring training and the playoffs (if they are lucky). Just doesn't make any sense. Did anyone really give a shit about this game last night? I know I should because it "means something", but I just don't.

Selig has also been the leader during a time in the MLB when more then 10 teams are in serious debt. Sure the times are tough, but can anyone sit here and say that baseball has lost ground to a lot of other sports? I could make the argument that not only the NFL has passed it, but the NBA as well. Why is this happening? Some of it is uncontrollable. Sports go through their up and downs, but baseball has it's way of making the games more appealing and never want to change (pitch clock, 1 mound visit per inning, no leaving batters box, ect). People don't want to sit through a 4 1/2 hour game. I mean I don't mind, but the average fan will not stand for it anymore.

On top of that he never got control of player contracts. Why the hell is anyone making 25 million a year when a team is losing money. That's foolish. Why is there no salary cap? Why is their no spending minimum? Also... Foolish.

Bottom line is Selg should've been gone after the whole steroid mess, but even if we for whatever give him a pass for all that, what has he done that's been good for the game? The Wild Card teams, that's about it (and there should actually be another one).

Fuck Selig.

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