Monday, July 11, 2011

South Korean Footballers examines by ‘Lie-detector tests’

South Korea's football league is launching or trial battle bribery in the sport.
A match-fixing scandal amid the country's top players was exposed just, and has carry on to extend through the industry.
Players from six teams are now under prosecution.
The K-League is taking a carrot-and-stick approach to attempting this largest scandal, introducing new sanctions but also moving up the players' minimum salary.
All players alleged of unlawful activity will now have to take a polygraph - or lie-detector - examination.
There will also be sanctions for clubs found blameworthy of match-fixing and a series of seminars on averting corruption. It will obligatory to attend the seminars and any player who overlooks them will be suspended.
But there is a sweetener too: the K-League said it would double the yearly minimum salary for players, actually in an effort to remove persuasion.
The minimum salary is presently about $11,000 less than half the national average income.
Up till now 46 players and 11 gambling brokers have been alleged in the match-fixing scandal.
Investigators accuse the players took money in return for making intentional mistakes in at least 15 matches previous year.
Ten players have hitherto been given lifetime bans.

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