Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sports Terms I Have Come To Hate

There is really shit to write about. It's either this or a Jon Lester post, which can be summed up by this. He won't be out a long time, but will be after All-Star break. Ok, good... Here is a list of sports terms I have come to hate...

- "Swagger" - I know it's not just a sports term, but I know DP agree with me on this one. It's so overused, and now I cringe every time I hear it.

- "Puck Moving Defenseman" - Yea, Kaberle basically killed it for me. It's hard not to say at times, but it still bothers me. Shouldn't they all be able to move the puck? I mean passing really isn't all that hard. Also, every time I hear this now I just think it's some pussy who can't hit, once again... Thanks Kaberle.

- "He catches the ball with his hands" - Are you fucking serious? If you play football and you don't catch with your hands you are either a blocking TE, or an offensive lineman. No shit they catch with their hands, kill yourself.

- "We're taking it one game at a time" - Ugh... No shit.

- Anything with "God" - A player thanking God, or saying "God was on our side" is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I am going to leave alone whether or not there is a God, but if there is do you really think he is rooting for one team or another? And if so why you? Fuck that, it's sports cut it out.

- "Defense wins championships" - Can we stop with this in the NFL yet? Sure you need a defense, but it's an offensive game now.

- "He's a football player" - Actually I laugh every time Gruden says it, but he has to be in on the joke... right? I mean you are calling an NFL game I think I can deduce by my self that the guy is probably a football player.

- "You can put it on the board!" and " "He gone!" - Sorry K, but basically anything that comes out of White Sox play by play guy (Ken Harrelson) mouth. He has to be the worst of all time. Every time the White Sox hit a HR he yells "You can put it on the board!" and then yells YES a couple times. And every strikeout with "He gone" drives me fucking nuts. Fuck that guy.

- "He's a pitchers' pitcher" - So he throws soft and is probably going to get lit up any game now. Thanks.

I know there are a shit load more, but that's all I got for now.

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