Thursday, July 21, 2011

'He's a tiger': Courtney Stodden, 16, reveals a little too much information about her love life with husband Doug Hutchison

By Daily Mail Reporter

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Defensive: Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden discussed how their relationship has become a global phenomenon in a new E! online

They have spent the last month defending their controversial marriage along with the 35-year-age gap.

But it seems 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison and wife Courtney Stodden, 16, have not even come close to stopping when it comes to revealing intimate secrets of their unlikely union.

'He's a tiger,' Stodden told E! Online about Hutchison's bedroom performance after her husband said he wished he had been a virgin on their wedding night. 'It's fine that he wasn't.'

'You're so bad,' Hutchison said, nuzzling his pouting wife in the interview which aired today.

The couple, who met online when Stodden signed up for acting classes on Hutchison's website, said they had not anticipated that their marriage would 'captivate the nation.'

'Globally, we have become the most controversial couple in the world,' said the actor, who starred in Tom Hanks film The Green Mile. 'We didn't anticipate that.'

You're so bad! The couple flirt with each other on camera after Stodden revealed some bedroom secrets

In love: The couple flirted with each other and insisted they are 'soul mates' on their latest interview

Stodden, who hopes to become an actress and singer, married Hutchison with her parents' blessing on June 21 in Las Vegas.

Her husband today defended his wife in the wake of speculation that she has had surgery.

'A lot of the critics are saying that Courtney is a fake,' he said. 'That's she's a Barbie doll, fake boobs, fake lips, fake nose, fake hair - but God was her only plastic surgeon.'

'I was born this way out of the womb,' Stodden insisted. 'Like, hello world!'

Posing: Stodden pouted and posed her way through the interview where she denied she had gone through plastic surgery

The wannabe, who pouted and posed her way through the interview with the couple's Yorkshire terrier dog on her lap, maintained that she was not listening to criticism of her marriage.

'I don't take it seriously,' she said, while her husband said he had a 'sense of humour' about it.

He insisted their initial communication, through email and texts, was 'very innocent and open - there was nothing inappropriate about it whatsoever.

'There were no sexual innuendos, there was nothing until we began to fall for each other,' he added. We started using the L-word and confessing to one another we were having feelings for each other.'

Career rise: Hutchison said he had been 'courted' by producers and agents since his marriage to Stoddard became public

And far from losing work after his unusual marriage, Hutchison says he is actually now more in demand.

'I believe there's one rule in Hollywood, and that's that there are no rules,' he said. 'I've been courted by producers, directors, agents... I don't think it's been a career killer.

'Courtney is more important to me than my career,' he added. 'That's all there is to it.'

The couple are reportedly looking to feature in their own reality show and plan on starting a family at some point in the near future.

Young love: Hutchison and Stoddard wed in Las Vegas back in June with her parents' blessing

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