Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard sets pulses racing as he bares his muscular body in racy scenes


Sexy: In stills from hit HBO series True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard is seen emerging from a lake nearly naked

It is know as one of the sexiest series on television with its racy plot lines and sultry scenes.

And a recent episode of cult vampire series True Blood certainly didn't disappoint.

In stills for the show, 34-year-actor Alexander Skarsgard is seen emerging from the water near naked, his fangs in full effect.

Fit: With water merely covering his lower body, the 36-year-old shows off his toned torso and biceps

With water merely covering his lower body, the actor, who plays lead character Eric Northman, shows off his toned torso and abdominal muscles.

The sexy snap is from an episode titled 'I'm Alive And On Fire', which aired over on Sunday night in the U.S.

In one of the scenes, Skarsgard is seen emerging from the lake with help from the show's female protagonist Sookie Stakehouse, played by Anna Paquin.

Bloodsucker: The actor, who plays Eric Northman in the series, is seen with his fangs in full effect

Even more muscles are seen in the form of two of the show's other male stars, Australian actor Ryan Kwanten who plays the role of Jason Stackhouse, and Joe Manganiello who plays werewolf, Alcide.

Sookie (Paquin) is seen enlisting the help of Alcide (Manganiello), who is also seen naked, his ripping abdominal muscles on show.

Meanwhile Jason (Kwanten) kills the Felton Norris, the front-man in the Norris family drug business, after he escapes from HotShot where he had been taken captive.

Ripped: Actor Joe Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide, also puts his impressive abdominal muscles on show as he shares a scene with Anna Paquin, who plays the show's female protagonist Sookie Stackhouse

Built: Manganiello also flaunts his toned chest in the scenes from the show

Twice as nice: Barely clothed Manganiello and Skarsgard are seen in a scene together

In trouble: Ryan Kwanten, who plays Sookie's brother Jason Stackhouse, is seen tied to a bed with wounds covering his bare body

Lucky break: He is later seen covered in blood after making an escape

'I like the way that in America you walk into a coffee shop and the girl asks how your day is,' he told GQ in a recent interview.

'When I first moved here I loved that. I know it's shallow and superficial and she doesn't give a f**k about my day, but I still like it,' he said.

'Sweden is a lot more reserved,' he added.

It's difficult to get to know a Swede but once you do you're in.'

The 6,4' tall actor said he thinks Swedish people have a stronger sense of privacy and boundaries

Hunk: Later in the episode, Skarsgard is once again seen shirtless once he has been rescued and dried off

His father Stellan Skarsgard, 59, is one of the most famous actors in Sweden and has starred in Pirates of the Caribbean, Hunt for Red October, Mamma Mia! and Thor.

It looks like Alexander is also headed for the big time - but he says he'll never put his personal life on show.

'You're never going to see a TV show called The Skarsgards,' he said.

source: dailymail

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