Monday, July 18, 2011

Well The Girls Lost

Well the girls lost in the World Cup finals to Japan due to Hope Solo and the American shoot out team choking. It happens, we don't need to hear about women's soccer for the next 4 years.

I bashed the World Cup a week or 2 ago stating that I don't care about it, however, I'll be a hypocrite if I sit here and say I didn't watch it. It was an intense game that obviously went down to the wire, it stinks because there were some pretty cute girls on the US team and it's always nice to see pretty girls happy.

Alex Morgan for example:

For all of you think Hope Solo is cute too shut up, she's scary and I feel like she would argue too much and be too outspoken. Personality kills the looks or coolness of the name.

Also, I think it's a Ladybugs like conspiracy too for the US, no way Abby Wombach is a chick, she's too good and too bad ass. She was literally a men amongst boys out there.

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