Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Do The Sox Need?

With the deadline approaching their are a lot of questions surrounding the Boston Red Sox and what their needs actually are. Theo said that a position player is more of a need than pitching and I completely disagree with that. With Lester going down and probably going on a trip to the DL we know only have Beckett and Lackey as our original starters from the start of the year. Andrew Miller is pitching well, Wakefield has been surpassing expectations and whoever they bring up to replace Lester will have a lot of pressure on them too.

I don't see them doing anything bold and making a huge splash during the deadline and trying to trade for a Felix, Liriano or Wandy Rodriguez. But I wouldn't mind if they went after a decent rental like Derrek Lowe, Carl Pavano or Edwin Jackson type guy. The Sox are going to need strong pitching down the line and one of these guys could certainly help, especially if Theo does what he is supposed to do and DL's Lackey for the rest of the season.

As for position players, I would stand pat. What can guys like Jeff Francour, Cuddyer and whoever give you that Josh Reddick or whoever Triple A player can, nothing much more. Other than Jose Reyes, I don't want the Sox to make an offensive move.

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