Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whoever Isn't On Mankins Side Is A D Bag

One of the hurdles right now with the CBA is Logan Mankins and him wanting to be free from the Patriots. The Patriots have lied to him, franchised him and lowballed him on a deal and Logan Mankins has had enough.

Mankins is the best guard in the NFL, he has played 7 years in the NFL and has never had a shot at free agency, and everyone and their mother want to vilify this guy because he wants to get the contract and money he deserves. If we weren't talking about an NFL player and talking about an average Joe here, people would be on the side of the average Joe, but because we are talking about a millionaire people want to sell him down the river.

I hope that Goodell and most of the owners side on Mankins side and set him free..... and then he signs with Pittsburgh.

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