Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why my Suri doesn’t wear a coat in the cold, by Katie Holmes

By Andrea Magrath

Pretty in pink: Katie Holmes covers the new issue of InStyle magazine and discusses criticism of her parenting of Suri

Her daughter is one of the most photographed people, let alone children, on the planet.

So on occasion, it is inevitable that the cameras are going to witness Suri Cruise doing, or wearing, something that causes other parents to raise an eyebrow - from the now-infamous 'penis' sweets the five-year-old unknowingly selected in a store, to her penchant for heels.

And now Katie Holmes has explained the story behind the much-criticised pictures of Suri out in New York in freezing winter temperatures without a coat.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, the 32-year-old admits to being red-faced over the pictures.

'Recently, Suri and I were taking a walk and a fight got started because it was cold outside and she didn't want to wear her coat,' she tells the magazine. 'My philosophy is, well, fine, because after a block of walking you're going to ask me for your coat.

'So the pictures of her [without a coat in cold weather] are sort of embarrassing, but I said, "Suri, I'll take the hit. Just put it on when you get cold".'

Battle: Katie defends pictures of her daughter without a coat in winter, saying she knows the five-year-old will inevitably ask for the coat 'after a block of walking'

Katie insists she doesn't feel pressure to give Suri a little brother or sister. 'We already have a very big family; a full household with cousins who are over a lot,'

she says. 'My biggest thing is making sure she's fully taken care of and doing well.'

The Mad Money star reveals how the family unit deals with their hectic schedules: 'We Skype, and we try not to go for a week without seeing each other,' Katie tells the magazine.

'We're also very good at setting up camp wherever we go.'

'Manly' romance: The actress reveals that Tom's taste in romance involves taking her flying in fighter jets

And Katie and Tom also find time for romance, though the actress says it's of a 'manly' style.

'Two years ago he took me up on his P-51 Mustang, a fighter plane from World War II. He painted the words, 'Kiss Me, Kate' on the side,' she recalls.

'It feels like you're on a bike in the sky. I thought, I'm either going to spend this whole flight totally freaked out or realize this is pretty thrilling.'

No babies yet: Katie denies pregnancy rumours and insists she does not feel the pressure to give Suri a brother or sister

Katie has been in Cancun, Mexico this week promoting her upcoming Adam Sandler comedy Jack and Jill.

She has revealed a lengthy list of other actresses she looks up to. 'I love Renée [Zellweger], she can do no wrong in my eyes,' she says. 'I relate to every character she embodies, because she has no pretense.

'I also love Amy Adams. She's so kind and talented, and whenever I watch her I think, "I want to be her friend" - I've seen Enchanted many times with my daughter.

Meryl Streep, of course. And I love what Cate Blanchett brings to every movie she does.'


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