Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Wouldn't The Yanks Trade For Ubaldo, More Importantly Why Would The Rockies?

So it's been rumored that the Yankees have a hard on for Ubaldo Jimenez and that the Rockies are entertaining it. The Rockies supposedly asked for Jesus Montero C, Ivan Nova P, Manny Banuelos P and Dellin Belentes P (All of the Yankees top prospects). That deal is a little absurd, but if your the Rockies so is trading a 27 year old stud, who maybe struggling a little this year, but is a year removed from a 19-8, 2.88 era, 218 K year.

I get it from the Yankees standpoint, they need to make a splash because they aren't that great pitching staff wise and need to fill the hole, but I'm a little confused from the Rockies. If they got that haul it could be justified, but I would expect that type of deal if you were talking Troy Tulo, but we aren't.

The only reason the Rockies would be entertaining this would be if they know something we don't. If they noticed a trend with Jimenez. I mean he's having an off year, but he would instantly be CC's 1B if he went to New York, and would be good insurence if CC opted out and happened to sign elsewhere (not going to happen).

For some reason I believe the Yankees trade for him at the deadline and it cost Banuelos, Montero and Nova.

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