Sunday, July 17, 2011

You can leave your hat on! It's Leisure Cruise as Tom winds down with his girls


You can leave your hat on: Tom kept his fedora in place as he played in the pool with Suri in Miami yesterday

It's not a matter of public record as to whether Tom Cruise is a fan of The Full Monty, but he certainly seems to draw inspiration from the 1997 smash hit about Sheffield steel workers here.

Or at least the Tom Jones crooned version of Leave Your Hat On that staggers majestically at the apogee of the soundtrack, as that's just what he did in a Miami pool today.

The 49-year-old was enjoying some well earned leisure time with his wife Katie Holmes, 32 , and adorable daughter Suri, five , after toiling away on the set of new film, Rock of Ages.

Chic: Katie wrapped her hair up into a chignon, while Suri enjoyed getting wet

It remains to be seen if the Randy Newman song covered by Jones, forms part of the play-list for the musical extravaganza, but Tom certainly seems attached to his fedora of late.

Katie and Suri both opted to brave a wet head, though the former wound her hair into a chignon to keep it from the chlorinated water, a look that it fast becoming a favourite of hers.

The Don't Be Afraid of the Dark star opted for a black bikini and white shorts when she hopped out of the pool, where she sat lovingly alongside her muscle-bound husband.

Chic: Katie wrapped her hair up into a chignon, while Suri enjoyed getting wet

The Cruises looked like any other family enjoying some precious time together as they dined on pasta at the hotel, then opted to cool off in the secluded pool, where Tom helped Suri swim in an adorable show of father-daughter affection.

Suri appeared to be wearing a pink and blue swimming costume, rather than a dress as she did on Miami beach last month, when Katie had possibly been unprepared.

Tom was seen serenading his ladies at one point, no doubt with one of the rock classics he's been working on for the hotly tipped blockbuster.

Well defined: Tom looked to be in incredible shape

Taking it easy: Tom hasn't had a break since his birthday earlier this month

Water baby: Suri enjoyed the ocean last month but Katie seemed to have been unprepared with her bathing suit

source: dailymail

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