Thursday, October 28, 2010

Honda Insight Gets Tweaked Stop-Start System, Revised MPG Numbers

All this is confirmed for the UK markets, not sure why it wouldn't come here in North America....
Honda has made some improvements to the stop-start system on their Insight hybrid car, allowing drivers to keep the engine off for up to 3 times as long as previous years.

Insights before 2011 could keep the engine stopped for up to 30 seconds, but new improvements for this coming model year allow for the engine to be stopped for as long as 90 seconds. The initial figure was based on a “worst case scenario” of extreme humidity, a car full of passengers and poor weather, but Honda has now revised the rating.

The 90 second engine-off feature will help improve mileage in town by a noticeable amount.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure just how significant the improvement will be, as no official figures have been released yet.


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