Monday, October 25, 2010

Honda’s Asimo Celebrates 10th Bipedal Anniversary

It’ll be ten years on the 31st of October since the day Honda Motor Company’s bipedal Asimo first successfully walked on his own two legs, and Honda plans to celebrate that special day with several events: Honda are creating a large collage and are soliciting submissions of photographs of people with Asimo or other Honda products, or drawings of Asimo; the Honda Welcome Plaza in Aoyama, Tokyo will have a five-day “Asimo Special Week” with demonstrations, conferences with the design team, and handshake events (like booksigning events in bookstores, except with robotic handshakes); and Honda will release an app called “Run with ASIMO” for smartphones (no details on which platform or platforms) which will let users ‘grow’ their own Asimos (by counting steps like a pedometer) and race Asimos between two smartphone users.


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