Friday, November 19, 2010

The Original, Hand built, Honda Civic Type R Mugen Concept Finds an Owner

The original Honda Civic Type R Mugen Concept car, a hand-built, dream-about performance creation has now found an owner.

The concept, which was created as a test bed for the 20 units built by Honda’s race engine-tuning partner Mugen was given away as a prize for a British nationwide draw that celebrates the automaker’s presence in the British Touring Car Championship. The vehicle comes with a high-reving 2.0 liter naturally aspirated powerplant that delivers 240 hp and is worth over 60,000 pounds.

The out of this world hot hatch was handed over to the Jim Morgan from Manchester at the Silverstone circuit, where the winner met Honda’s BTCC drivers Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden. Subsequently, Morgan was offered a tour of the Mugen workshops in Northampton, also meeting the team of specialist that brought the compact monster to life.

“I still can’t quite believe I’ve won this unbelievable concept car," said Jim. "To meet Matt and Gordon, rocket around Silverstone in a Type R, and talk to the guys who built my car was incredible! Seeing how this the Type R MUGEN was built really gives you a feel for how special it is: the guys at MUGEN have put everything they’ve got into this car,”

"It really is a great car to drive; perfectly well behaved around town but with a fantastic response to a heavy right foot! I feel extremely lucky," the winner added.

Honda offers a limited edition Civic Type R Mugen finished in Championship White paint, which is based on the concept car that now belongs to Morgan.


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