Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TOV: New 2012 Civic Si - K24 rumor gains credibility

The current Civic uses the K20 Engine (2.0 litre) with 197hp, it'll be cool to think what they could do with a bigger 2.4 litre....
We've received more news that possibly pertains to the next generation Civic Si. Reports are that Honda has stopped manufacturing new K20 engines across the board and is currently running only K24 production. This information could support the previous tips we received stating that the new Civic Si would incorporate a K24.

This new information comes to us from a different source than the original K24 rumor, so we're raising the credibility on the likelihood of the new Si getting the K24 to a 9.

The only bad news we've heard is that the Si's K24 might be incorporating changes like those of the current TSX. VTEC on the intake cam only, and a integrated exhaust manifold like that which has been appearing on most new Honda engines (J-series, R-series, etc.). These design considerations probably won't hurt power off the factory floor, but it will likely hurt the potential for more power in the aftermarket.


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