Thursday, June 30, 2011

Every Big Baby Comment Makes Me Like Him Less

So, a week or two ago we got comments from Big Baby that he was looking for a bigger role, and that most likely was going to lead him out of Boston. We all laughed considering that he was one of the main reasons the Celtics tanked out of the playoffs. Now he is coming back sounding a little different.

"Man, I do," Davis tells the Boston Herald. "Do you know how much I've grown and learned with those guys? I want to keep playing with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce until they leave."

Davis has also hired a sports psychologist to help him understand what went wrong this past season.

"I was in that zone, and then it started to go downwards," Davis said."I want to use that positive energy I have as a player. I want to be the Glen Davis I know I can be."

Dude, you started to suck because you gained 20 pounds to a frame that was already overweight. Doc got pissed, and then you just laid down in the playoffs. Your mentally soft, and you talk in the third person, I am so done with you. Bye Glen Davis go to the Raptors and lets never hear of you again.

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