Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Colombia's top most wanted drugs lord killed

Pedro Guerrero Castillo, Colombian may has killed one of the country's top drugs traffickers, the police sources say.
Guerrero, notorious as Cuchillo (The Knife), led a 1,200 sturdy army and mostly prohibited the drugs traffic in eastern Colombia.
The police had been searching for many years and had announced a reward of US$ 1.25 Million for his arrest.
He was severely injured in fired exchanging with police in the eastern province of Meta and later died due to his injuries.
One of his bodyguard has also died in the fight near the town of Mapiripan, at the same time about seven his companion were arrested including his number two known as Madman Harold, reports say. 
Officials said tests were being carried out to confirm that the body which was discovered in Jungle is the body of Guerrero. 
A source says that Guerrero's Popular Revolutionary Anti-terrorist Army of Colombia organize most of the drugs business on the country's eastern plains.
The group was also involved in smuggling of huge quantity of cocaine out of Colombia, mostly via Venezuela.

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