Monday, December 20, 2010

Severe Freezing Weather conditions in European countries

A very huge numbers of flights and train services have been postponed across the Europe due to heavy snow falling and ice, leaving travelers stranded.

Some flights were leaving London Heathrow, which is the European busiest airport and one third flights were cancelled in major hubs like Paris and Frankfurt. In number of European countries the roads have been expressed d like unfaithful. The UK, France Germany were the worst affected areas where forecasters warning of freezing weather in all week.  

There were also harsh delays on the Eurostar rail service between the UK and France and Belgium and Thalys trains between France and Belgium were also affected.

Crowds formed at London's St. Pancras station as speed controls hit rail travel in England and northern France. A Eurostar Spokesman said, we are running services but St. Pancras is very busy today.

Furthermore snowfalls in the Paris region caused severe difficulties for drivers, and heavy goods vehicles. Further snowfalls in the Paris region caused serious problems for drivers, and heavy goods vehicles were banned from major routes. Paris bus operator RATP postponed a number of its services.

A concert by Lady Gaga at Bercy stadium in Paris was called off on Sunday night because a convoy of Lorries carrying tour equipment could not get there.

German rail services were also affected. Heavy snow in Berlin caused problems for traveler trains and on the roads. Hazardous conditions were also reported on roads near Cologne.

In Italy, the airports at Florence and Pisa reopened after a weekend of cancellations.

The schedules at Schipho Airport near Amsterdam, Heathrow Airport and all the airports in the UK were besieged with postponement and delays.

Transport officials are striving to handle with the present weather, mixed by the backlog caused by severe weather over the weekend.

Hundreds of passengers have been enforced to spend the night at airports around Europe, stranded because of the weather.

In Britain, the Met Office has told of more snow and ice in many parts of the country.

Southern England and south Wales were predictably to have 5-10cm of snowfall and there were also warnings of further heavy snow for much of Scotland and north-east England, with up to 10cm of snow expected in northern Scotland.

The lowest UK temperature overnight, recorded in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, was thought to be -19.6C. Northern Ireland had another bitterly cold night, with -18C recorded at Castlederg in County Tyrone.

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