Friday, December 3, 2010

Honda to Phase Out the Element

Honda performed well in November, but this doesn't necessarily mean that all the models produced by the Japanese carmaker managed to exceed expectations. The Element for example remained the same not-attractive model we got used to, so the parent company decided to reconsider its future plans with this particular project. In fact, it seems like Honda has already decided Element's future: the car will be pushed out of production.

According to a report by AutoGuide, an official announcement on the matter is expected to be released today, but even without a confirmation, Honda seems to take the right decision. In the US, Honda sold a total of 939 Elements in November 2010, down from 1,017 units in the same month of the previous year.

To give you an idea on how low the Element sales have remained over the years, we must mention that the Accord, the company's best-seller in the US market, sold 19,025 units during the past month, up from 17,239 units in November 2009. For the sake of comparison, only 12,960 buyers chose the Element in the first eleven months of the year, while Honda Accord attracted a total of 279,000 people in the same period.

In the financial report rolled out yesterday, Honda has only praised the way both the Acura and the parent brand performed last month, saying that increased figures are expected to be registered by year end."

Our Acura Division sales continue to be strong, led by red hot year-to-date sales of our MDX and RDX SUVs," said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. "And with the newly released Odyssey minivan and CR-Z sport hybrid selling well, we look forward to a good year end."

As mentioned, Honda is expected to roll out an official announcement later today, so we'll keep you posted.


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