Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The new US Special Campaign against Terror suspects

The clandestine U.S. operation of drone attacks on terror suspects in Pakistan is one of the most awful kept secrets in international diplomacy.

Now U.S. military leaders allegedly are asking for an even greater presence in the country.

According to the New York Times reports the military commanders are approaching for an enlarged special operation campaign in Afghanistan. It is the new change that West continues to strive in coping terrorist stronghold in the Pakistani tribal areas, given that the country, at least officially has prevented direct US involvement out of fear of a local reaction. The said Special operation expansion into Pakistan,

The proposed Special Operations expansion into Pakistan, explained to the Times by American officials in Washington and Afghanistan, takes with it a sense of need due to the intended withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan starting next year. But deploying forces across the Pakistan border would be controversial and bring its own various threats. 

One of unnamed senior American official told the Times that “we have never been as close as we are not to getting the go ahead to go across”.  Pakistan's tribal areas are home to thousands of militants performing or sustaining attacks in Pakistan and on U.S. and other allied troops in neighboring Afghanistan. Islamabad's assistance is seen as crucial to the fight against terrorism and to strengthening the situation in Afghanistan.

Pakistan's military has opened several offensives in the country's remote northwest, where the insurgents are based, but Islamabad still comes under criticism in the West for not doing adequate to remove the threat. Most of the criticism is related to North Waziristan, which is successfully under the supervision of Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other affiliated groups.

The U.S. does not accept that it carries out missile attacks in the tribal regions, but there have been more than 110 this year, more than double last year's total.

On Friday, 54 militants were killed in three American drone attacks close to the Afghan border. The high death toll included commanders of a Taliban-affiliated group who were holding a meeting when the missiles struck.

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