Thursday, June 2, 2011

1 Vancouver, 0 Bruins

I guess I'll do it since the Captain is probably in a ditch drunk somewhere cursing Celtics fans for some odd god reason.

It was pretty evident that these were the two best teams in the NHL during this heart pounding gaming 1. Through 59.5 minutes of the game it was knotted up at 0. Roberto Luongo and Tim Thomas were putting on a goal tending clinic as Luongo stopped 36 and Thomas stopped 33.

But with 18.5 seconds left, during a shift change they took advantage of a turnover by Johnny Boychuck, Jannik Hansen stole the puck and had a perfect pass to Raffi Torres for the game winner. Many people will bitch and moan that the officiating missed an offside call due to Hansens raised foot, but it seemed clean to me. To be honest, "us" as Bruins fans shouldn't be complaining about officiating at all because these whole playoffs including last night "we" never got the short end of the stick. Both Tim Thomas and Andrew Ference took blatant dives last night that changed the outcome of the game in the Bruins favor.

To take the positive outlook to this game, Vancouver was the heavily favored team and they were only able to hold them to 1 goal. The Bruins power play defense was unbelievable, they were in the passing and shooting lanes all game. And 1st liner for the Canucks Alex Burrows will most likely be suspended next game for biting Patrice Bergeron.

Another thing that I may be the only one with this thought, and I was all for it before, but I don't like Chara in front of the net anymore. I think he's better used humming the puck at the net than looking for deflections.

It was certainly a heartbreaking loss and a loss they quickly need to move passed, because if they take the next game in Vancouver they did their jobs.

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