Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Arthritis victim robs bank for $1 to acquire free jail health care

A US man distressing from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and shattered discs stolen from a bank for $1 so that he could get without cost health care in jail.

James Verone, a jobless and past truck driver, entered into a RBC bank’s branch in North Carolina and handed the cashier a note demanding one dollar "and medical concentration".

Mr Verone, 59, who also has an unidentified growth on his chest, could not pay for health insurance after being set off following 17 years in his job with Coca-Cola.

He had written to his local newspaper describing that he was looking for entrée to one of the few places in the state without cost health facilities.

"When you get this a bank robbery will have been committed by me," he wrote. "I am of solid mind but not so much strong body." He was held and indicted with "theft from one an individual", because the $1 (62p) haul was not big sufficient to the criteria as a bank robbery. He has used up the previous week in imprison, and has got medical aid.

"The pain was beyond the tolerance that I could recognize," he told the Gaston Gazette in an interview in jail. "I kind of beat a brick wall with everything.

"I didn't have any worries," said Mr Verone, who did not use a weapon in the occurrence. "I told the cashier that I would sit over here and wait for police." Mr. Verone unveiled that earlier to his robbery he sold and contributed all of his furniture, allowed the lease on his home to finish and moved into a motel.

The 59-year-old has said he will protect himself in court and warn "the crime will take place again" if he does not obtain a long adequate jail punishment.

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