Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Batgirl to walk once more thanks to DC Comics do-up

Fans of the Batgirl comics have been surprised by a conclusion by the holders of DC Comics to give the crucial role Barbara Gordon the use of her legs 20 years back she was paralyzed from the waist down by The Joker.

For the last 20 years Gordon has been not able to walk after she was shot through the back bone by the Joker the 1988 story The Killing Joke.

In 1989, Gordon was reinitiated as the wheelchair-bound role Oracle who used her intellect to work as a hacker fighting Cyber-crime while two other roles wore the Batgirl mask.

But DC Comics has pronounced that in September the crime combating heroine will come back complete force. The divisive decision is part of a reopen by DC Comics that will start the series again from issue number one. This move has sparked most protests amid fans of the series, who have argued that Oracle was the just disabled superhero on the shelves.

Batgirl writer Gail Simone has stated that she knows the worries.

"She's been eliminated from the action and risk for a long time," Simone told Newsarama. "With this reopen she is still very much Barbara but she can regain part of her history and inheritance with modern legends- in her own book and anywhere - drawn by some superb performers."

Batgirl 1 will launch this September.

Finally all of DC Universe's 52 comic book series will return to square one, with new, modern storylines, in an effort to reignite reader interest in the genre.

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