Monday, June 13, 2011

Canucks @ Bruins Preview: Game 6

After watching Lebron fall apart last night everything in the word felt right. Good triumphed over evil, and cock ass douchebags got what they deserved. The Canucks aren't far behind Lebron in the douchebag category. Tonight we get to see if good can triumph once again.

After all the biting, diving, and name calling the bottom line is that Boston is down 3-2. They have lost all three games in close contests. When they have won they have won big. They also have won those games at home, and tonight that's exactly where they are. It's been an odd series for me. When it started I thought the Canucks would beat them in 5. When the Bruins tied the series 2-2 I thought the Bruins would win it in 6. Now I don't know what to think.

The Canucks are a better team, but they are also the softer team. If you beat them early they collapse, but if comes you let them stay in the game they have just too many good players that they will eventually find their way around Thomas. I hate when people say "they gotta score first", but in this game I don't think it could be more true. If Boston scores first you know it will be in the Canucks/Luongo head "Oh no, it's happening again". That's what Boston needs to do. They need the crowd going crazy, and to break this soft ass team.

Thomas will play great. At this point it's basically a given. What's not a given is how the forwards will play. Will Lucic be a force? Will Bergeron shoot? Will someone on the powerplay show up? In games 3/4 they did. In the others...not so much. I think Boston shows up tonight. They have been head strong all season, and I think they will come out playing fast. Like I said before if they jump on these guys early they will crack. I say they crack, Boston wins and anything can happen in Game 7's.

Bruins win 4-1
Player of the Game: Thomas/Lucic
Game starts at 8pm

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