Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celtics Speculation

Fucking Sherrod Blakely:
A league source told on Monday night that the Celtics have had "no discussions whatsoever" with the Atlanta Hawks about acquiring Smith. The same source added there were no plans to open up such dialogue any time in the near future.

"You can never say never," the source said, "but there's nothing going on there."

Well I don't know if that squashes all hope for the trade, but it certainly hurts. I have always loved Josh Smith and his athleticism. He is a great defender and can play PF and if he gets his head on straight (which I believe Boston has strong enough leadership to mold someone) he would be a hell of addition.

On to the draft:
I have been very vocal about wanting only 3 players in this draft, Marshon Brooks SG Providence, Reggie Jackson SG BC, and Jeremy Tyler C.

Marshon Brooks is a shoot first scorer and one of the top scorers in the draft. Brooks shot selection needs grooming along with his defense, but he is going to be the steal of this draft.

I ranted on Jackson the other day, he is a combo guard who can score in bunches and has a higher upside in defense according to scouts. I would love to have this kid however, this most likely mean that the Avery Bradley experiment failed and they are admitting their mistakes.

The last guy would be Jeremy Tyler, If you remember this kid left his junior year in high school to make money overseas and he could be an absolute steal for the Celtics who desperately need size. He has a 7+ foot wingspan and with some tutoring from the Boston staff could be the next big thing. Definitely has the highest ceiling, but has an equal amout of bust potential too.

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