Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheryl Cole slams Cowell as she declares friendship is over


Not friends: Cheryl Cole has told friends her friendship with Simon Cowell is over after the humiliation on the X Factor

She has been keeping a low profile since being fired from the U.S. version of the X Factor after just four days on the show.

But Cheryl Cole is said to be furious over the humiliation she has been subjected to and has told friends she is through with her friendship with Simon Cowell.

The singer, 27, is said to be so angry with the music mogul after he spoke out about her departure from the show stateside that she wants to cut all ties with him, according to reports by The Sun.

Stunning: Cheryl is seen in a romantic new shot as she launches the website for the Cheryl Cole Foundation

A source told the paper: ‘Cheryl trusted him implicitly and she doesn’t do that with many people.’

‘He made a mockery of their friendship so now it’s dead in the water.’

Cowell broke his silence over Cheryl’s exit from the show over the weekend and said the star had clearly been ‘uncomfortable’ while filming auditions for the talent show in America.

The multi-millionaire admitted he had received a message from Mrs Cole saying she felt ‘let down’ by him, adding: ‘A hundred per cent I have to take full responsibility, because I do have a lot of sway.

'Not herself': Simon said Cheryl was out of her comfort zone in the U.S. and had hoped she would return to the UK version of the show

‘This has been a rough two weeks. The hardest thing to accept is that everyone has painted me as a monster because I embarrassed her. But the truth was I was protecting her.'

‘I apologise that all this has become public and I understand the stress she is under, and I hate that. But we have all been under a lot of stress.’

While Cowell has said he was hoping Cheryl would return to the U.K. version of the X Factor and then said he invited her back to the U.S. show a source close to Cheryl told MailOnline: ‘Why would she go back when they let her down so badly?'

Last night at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards Louis Walsh refused to talk about the former judge and said: ‘Change the record, seriously.’

Happier times: Cheryl Cole and Simon Simon Cowell on the X Factor in 2010 sharing a joke together

But the Irish manager did tell MailOnline he thinks that this year’s U.K. X Factor was ‘the best series yet’ and hinted that they may have already seen a winner in the auditions.

When asked about the U.S. X Factor and rivalry with Simon he said: ‘We are going to smash it, up until this week I was worried about the U.S show, but after seeing some of the talent out there it’s going to be amazing.’

While Cheryl and Simon's friendship is said to be 'over' Paula Abdul has taken to Twitter to talk about the Geordie singer.

She posted: 'Cheryl is amazing. We have forged a wonderful friendship & have been & will continue to stay in touch..'

Then added: '..I'm excited for everyone to see and hear what she is about to do next. xoP.'

source: dailymail

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