Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook: Five precautions

Joanne Fraill, the juror who called a defendant on Facebook, is facing a curse in prison for the disapproval of court when she is punished later on Thursday.
She has faced many difficulties but the remaining of there some necessary lessons if you want to prevent from the troubles on Facebook.
Make friends with people you shouldn’t: You must think before clicking on adding your friend. Ms. Fraill didn’t. The juror said it was sympathy that led her to find Jamie Sewart - a defendant in a drugs trial - on Facebook and afterward become "friends" with her. The link was disclosed to the judge and in less than a year Ms. Fraill was back in court, this time in the dock. However it was the first case in the history of UK when Internet is involved and it is not the first time for Facebook users having picked up the defective friends. But wrong choices are not always obvious. Charlotte Fielder, who was born lost a hand, innocently make friends with men on Facebook who faked to have lost a limb themselves, but were, actually, sexually fascinated to amputees.
Later, she found her profile picture had been copied and posted onto a pornographic website, where obscene remarks were made.
Groan about your boss/clients/components: It second apparent but is amazingly usual. A woman, known only as Lindsay, announced in a position update, "OMG I dislike my job!" before opening into a personal assault on her boss. It was a issue of hours before she was rang a bell that her boss was amid her "friends". He reportedly posted a answer telling Lindsay not to bother coming in tomorrow. "I'll pop your P45 in the post. And yes, I'm serious," he wrote.
Virgin was also filling out P45s after airline cabin crew identified their passengers "chavs" and said Virgin planes were full of cockroaches and engines were reinstated four times a year. Thirteen employees' careers took a swift nosedive when they were packed by the airline.
Upload Dodgy images: Un till you look after your privacy settings, awkwardness and dishonor are almost expected on Facebook - from the calmly disturbing double-chin shot to one of glazed-over eyes and hand fastened to a wine bottle in some dark den.
If Sir John Sawers’s wife posted holiday snaps, including Sir John in Speedo trunks, besides details about their children and the site of their flat. The features and photos were quickly removed from the site - but it takes longer for photos to fade from the combined memory. A Lib Dem councilor in Wales had little to laugh about after his 'Allo 'Allo-themed birthday party. Sean Aspey posted on Facebook images of himself, wearing clothes as a Nazi officer from the TV comedy set in Nazi-occupied France. He was poised from Porthcawl town council - not the best end to anyone's 40th birthday celebrations.
Enjoy your sick leave so much: If you have pulled a sickie or are actually ill, it's likely best to stay off Facebook. A Canadian woman on continuing sick leave for depression says she missing her advantages when her insurance agent locate images of her enjoying herself on Facebook, apparently having entertain in the sun and late nights out with friends. Nathalie Blanchard had been on leave from her job at IBM in Quebec for a year and keeps her actions were on doctors' orders as a way to defeat anxiety.
Spill Secrets: You can't accurately murmur on Facebook, so confidential are best confined to corridors and corners.
Israel was amongst the first to obtain nervy about receptive information appearing on the internet after an analysis of its troops' Facebook pages exposed detailed images of air bases, operations rooms and submarines. A new set of regulations - which was not publicized - included a ban on photos of pilots and special unit teams, and anything showing special military drills.
The UK's Ministry of Defense is also concerned and has started a campaign to give confidence its staff, and their friends and family, not to share receptive information. In a video for the campaign, a mother is observed posting information about her son's ahead operating base on Facebook - and is then seen having tea with an armed man in a balaclava.

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