Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google+ enters into the war of social networking go grip over Facebook

Online search gigantic Google has started a new social networking website in its current effort to engage Facebook, which now assets more than 500m users.
Google+ allows persons to share images, messages and comments but also combines the company's maps and photos into the service.
It also purposes to assist users easily manage contacts within groups.
But some critics say Google has only re-created aspects of Facebook while adding a video chat function.
Google, which handles about two out of every three internet searches in the US, has taken numerous attempts at Facebook in current years.
But its earlier stabs finished in failure, with both Google Wave and Google Buzz proving disliked with users.
The new version of Google+ has only been released to approach to few numbers of users, but the company has said it soon expects to make the social network accessible to the millions of individuals that use its services every day.
"Online sharing requires a serious re-consider, so it's time we got initiated" Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of engineering at Google, said in a press release.
"Other social networking tools make choosy sharing within small groups difficult," she added, taking what appears to be a stab at Facebook's recent grouping function.
But some experts have said Google could have a tough time exchanging Facebook fans to their new social network.
"People have their social rings on Facebook - inquiring them to produce another social circle is testing," Debra Aho Williamson, principal analyst with research firm eMarketer, told the Associated Press news agency.
"The complete idea of a Google social network... they've been throwing stuff against the wall for many years and so forth nothing has jammed," she added.
In April, Google adopted an out-of-court settlement with a US policy group over its level out Google Buzz, a prior social effort.
The legal action asserted Google deceived users and dishonored its own privacy policy by automatically enrolling all Gmail users in its Buzz social network without looking for prior authorization.

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