Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Am Loving All This LeBron Hate, But...

(that's DeShwan Stevenson)
Don't you dear feel bad for this guy and the media's dismantling of him. Remember this guy is the same guy that wiped his ass with Cleveland, couldn't deal with the hate he got from "The Decision" and retweeted all the hateful tweets, called everyone who disliked him was a racist, lost in the finals, reminded everyone after he lost that everyone is poor and he has a sweet life, then blamed God for not having it be his time to win it yet (not us as in team). I'm sure I'm missing a few too. But I have already heard a couple people saying they feel bad for him because how much he is getting dragged through the mud.

Please America, people, fellow viewers, embrace LeBron's failures as a moral victory in your life (like I do) and everything will be a lot better.

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