Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Can't Ignore it, The Heat Are 3 Games From Me Seriously Considering Committing Suicide

I went to bed at halftime, something woke me up when there was 1 minute left in the game. I believe that was God's way of playing a practical joke on me. "This will be funny, Dave is asleep and having a dream about him and Kate Upton, let me wake him up from that to see the Heat win" Thanks God, that was a punch to the dick.

the Heat are 3 games away from taking the title. the Scary thing is that they held Dallas to 84 points. Yes, Dallas shot horribly and missed A LOT of open looks, but this isn't a great way to start off the series. If you look at the positives for Dallas you can say they held Miami to 92 points, They missed a ton of open looks, and it could have been rust from the layoff. I'll bank on that, but more and more it looks like LeDouche is going to be winning his 1st title..... Shucks.

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