Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Don't Get This....

I don't get this, I was listening to WEEI and they had a bunch of callers who were Bruins fans saying, "I can't stand all these bandwagon fans, pink hats, I remember Espo and Orr, This is a Hockey Town, Etc." I won't get started on this whole "Sports Town" thing because it seems kinda ridiculous, this town is whoever is winning at the time. Me personally I believe it has to go Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins then Patriots, that's just my opinion and an argument for a later date.

Back to the Pink Hat comment, I'll 100% agree that I am a complete bandwagoner, pink hat, front runner when it comes to hockey, I don't care about it and actually hate the sport when the Bruins aren't in the playoffs or when it's the Olympics. But wouldn't Bruins fans in general embrace that. Everyone who reads this site, knows I'm a giant Celtics fan, and when the Celtics won and everyone became a Celtics fan, not once did I scoff at the notion that more people were fans. I loved it, I loved seeing the sea of green and I loved that the Celtics were the talk of the town. So I don't really get the resentment of having more fans for a sport and team YOU SUPPORT.

You know what pink hats mean? It means your team is winning, it means the revenue your team is making goes, it means you can have a parade a million people want to see. Out of my friends there is really only one person who was a true Bruins fan, The Captain and that's because he stuck through them when the ownership sucked, when they were giving away players, when they charging an arm and a leg for tickets and not willing to spend money to justify charging that much. And although I haven't heard his opinion on the pink hats I'm pretty sure he felt the same way I did when the Celtics won.

So for all you Bruins fans that feel the need to prove that you were there during the down times, and feel the need to defend yourself as a fan. Shut the fuck up and enjoy the fact that the Bruins are the talk of the town for the first time in 40 years.

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