Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Pretty Much Done With Big Baby

Here are some comments from Glen recently:
On what's most important to him this offseason: "I feel I know what’s most important to me and that's Glen being Glen. I can’t perform the way I need to perform if I’m not Glen Davis. I need to be in situation where I’m going to be Glen Davis. If it’s here with the Celtics or with somebody else. I just want to make sure I’m Glen Davis, whatever I do, wherever I'm at. That’s all I’m really concentrating on, being Glen Davis, and being a complete player."

* On whether Glen Davis can be Glen Davis in Boston: [Long pause] I can be Glen Davis wherever. It depends on the system, the people around the system, who is going to let Glen Davis be Glen Davis, not let Glen Davis be something they think he should be."

"I pride myself on playing good basketball, especially when you need it. Every postseason I’ve played tremendously good to the point where it was like wow and this [spring] it didn’t happen," Davis said. "Because I felt mentally I wasn’t ready and prepared enough for what was in front of me. It affected the way I played and that’s what I’ve been doing this offseason, concentrating on that and making sure postseason’s like this don’t happen to me."

The only person allowed to speak in 3rd person is Deion Sanders other than that, everyone can go to hell. However, these comments really turn me off from Glen Davis and pretty much killed any want of having the Celtics keep him around. He is one of the most immature, outspoken and just dumb people I have ever seen. The Celtics were worried before they gave him his last contract whether he was mature enough to have the money and that blew up in their face. i think that was a mistake that won't happen again. Since joining the Celtics Glen has been outspoken to a fault, broke his hand getting into a fight, gained 20 pounds before the playoffs and had a miserable playoffs. Glen Davis being Glen Davis is exactly whats wrong with his game sometimes, sure he brings energy and can be a spark off the bench, but sometime he, himself gets in his own way from elevating his game. Doc Rivers is a hell of a coach, KG is a hell of a mentor, Tommy Thibs was a hell of a defensive mind and he shrugged them all off because Glen Davis was to busy worrying about Glen Davis. I never speak badly of any Celtics player really, but I hope they really don't bring him back, attitudes like this aren't welcome in the Garden.

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